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  • How do I view a property:
    If the property is vacant, you can stop by the office anytime during business hours to take a look. We will need to hold a photo ID while you take out the keys. If the property is still occupied, we will need to schedule a showing with a 24 hour notice to the current tenant. Please contact the office to schedule a time. If you have any questions on our policies and/or procedures, feel free to contact the office and we will be happy to discuss them with you. Thank you for taking time to review our page and we look forward to working with you!
  • What do you check for on an application?
    We do criminal background checks, credit checks, 2+ years of residency verifications (landlord verifications), personal reference checks and income verifications. This process can take several days, however, if you can let your landlord and references know we will be contacting them, that will help to expedite the process.
  • How do I apply?
    Applicants can apply online by clicking on the "For Rent" tab at the top of our website. You will select the unit you are most interested in and click on "Apply Now". You will then complete all fields, upload the required documents (drivers license, paycheck stub, etc) and pay the application fee. If you do not have access to our website, you can stop by the office and complete a paper application. You will need to provide us will your photo ID and pay check stubs as well, if you can be sure to have those with you. We can make copies of them in our office. You will also need to pay the $50 application fee at the time of application.
  • How do I sign up for utilities?
    Depending on the property you choose, we will provide you with the contact information for the utility companies you need to contact. Once you have been given a move-in date, you will be responsible to contact said utility company/companies to have transferred into your name. This must be completed and account numbers provided to our office prior to receiving your keys. Tenant is responsible for any hookup/turn-on fees. Our most frequently used utility phone numbers are: ELECTRIC: Ohio Edison 1-800-633-4766 American Electric Power | 425 Neal Zick Road | Willard (877)237-2886 Water: Ashland Water Department | 211 Claremont Avenue | Ashland (419)289-8322 Bailey Lakes Water (419)962-4617 Rural Lorain Water (800)842-1339 GAS: Be sure to ask for an ACTUAL FINAL reading NOT a calculated reading. Columbia Gas (800)344-4077 East Ohio Gas (800)362-7557 Phone: Verizon (800)483-4600 Cable: Armstrong Utilities | 100 E. Second Street | Ashland (419)289-1343 Time Warner Cable (800)821-7250
  • What about pets?
    Each property &/or owner have established their own pet policies. Some properties allow pets while others do not. Oftentimes, a multi unit or apartment building will allow a cat/cats while single family homes will allow either a dog and/or cat. Before applying for a property, it is best that you contact the office to find out which properties are pet friendly. If you have a dog, you will need to contact us to discuss breed restrictions. If pets are permitted, we will require a signed "Pet Agreement", and completed "Information to Register Your Pet" form along with updated vet records ensuring the pet is up to date on all vaccinations and that they have been spayed or neutered. If you have a dog, we will require a copy of the dog tags. For one pet, there is a $500 pet deposit and $50 pet rent charged per month. Additional charges apply for more than one pet and we have a 2 pet maximum. Disability Related Animals are handled differently. If an applicant and/or current tenant reports they have and/or have been prescribed a disability related animal, it is office policy that they are to provide us with applicable documentation from a licensed professional with whom they have a therapeutic relationship. They also need to provide vet records showing the disability animal’s shots are up to date and that they have been spayed/neutered. We need a copy of dog tags (if a dog) and they will need to sign an “Disability Animal Agreement” and sign the “Information to Register Your Disability Animal” form. Standard pet deposit(s) and additional rent(s) are waived as reasonable accommodation in accordance with the Fair Housing Act. Accommodation requests will be made on a case by case basis.
  • How can I pay my rent?
    Rent shall be paid to Bauer Management Realty in any of the following ways. (1) In person at the office during business hours with check or money order (2) In the drop box along the alley side of the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (3) Electronically using the Tenant Portal. If using your tenant portal, we recommend using the eCheck option to avoid additional fees charged by the credit card companies. NO CASH ACCEPTED
  • What happens if I don't pay my rent?
    Rent is due on or before the 1st of every month. There is, however, a grace period until 12pm NOON on the 6th day of the month when a $25 late fee is applied. After late fees have been applied, if we have not heard from the tenant with pay arrangements, we reach out individually to each resident. If we fail to hear from the resident within 24 hours, we will be forced to post a 3-day notice to pay or leave premises. Pay arrangements can still be made after receiving the 3-day notice to avoid an eviction action. If the tenant is unable to pay, we have various agencies we can refer them to for assistance (The Salvation Army, Associated Charities, local churches, etc). Communication is key. If rent is still not paid or pledged by an agency by 12pm NOON on the 12th day of the month, and additional $20 late fee will be assessed for a total of $45 in late fees.
  • What if something breaks or needs to be repaired?
    To submit a maintenance request, you will log onto your tenant portal and submit a request directly to our maintenance department. Once received, they will dispatch accordingly. If you have not activated your portal or do not have access to, you can call or text 419-749-0921. A representative will process your request. Please be advised, maintenance requests will be received more efficiently through the tenant portal or by calling/texting the above listed phone number. If you have an after hours maintenance emergency, please call 419-749-0921 and a representative will assist you.
  • What if I need to move before my lease is up?
    If you are on a month to month agreement, a 30 day written notice is required to end or change this agreement. This 30 day notice must include a complete calendar month, from the 1st to the 30th of the month. Notice must be given on or before the first day of the month if the tenant intends to move by the end of that month. If the tenant moves without giving a full and proper notice, the tenant agrees to pay the rent and utilities to the end of the period for which the notice given is proper. (EXAMPLE: If the tenant gives notice on the 5th of the month to move on the 30th, the tenant is responsible for the NEXT month's rent and utilities unless a new tenant moves in before the end of the next month.) If you are in a lease beyond a month to month, you have two options. Option #1: The tenant may cancel this lease by taking ALL the following actions: Giving the landlord a written 30-day notice. Paying all rents and utilities due to the end of the 30-day period. Paying a cancellation fee equal to one month’s rent. Repaying any special rent incentives tenant received. Paying an early cancellation fee of one half of one month’s rent with a minimum of $250. This fee does NOT have to be paid if the tenant has stayed beyond the original lease term. These actions will release the tenant from any further payment obligations under the lease but will not change any other obligations of the lease including all the terms concerning the security deposit. The security deposit cannot be used for the cancellation fee. All payments must be made BEFORE tenant moves from the rental in order to cancel the lease obligations. If tenant moves before all the actions are completed, the tenant agrees to be responsible for all rents and utilities due until the lease ends or a new tenant moves in. Option #2:Tenant can continue to pay rent and utilities until a new tenant is found or until the expiration of my lease, whichever occurs first.
  • What can I do to get as much of my security deposit back as possible?
    To receive a full security deposit refund, you must do the following: have all personal belongings removed from the premises (including in the appliances, attic, basement & garage, if applicable). The entire unit must be thoroughly cleaned, stove drip pans need to be replaced, and carpets must be professionally cleaned. You must pay your final water bill and provide proof of payment, keys must be returned to our office and all balances due paid in full. We will provide you a list of things to do at the time you give your move out notice so that you can make every attempt to receive your funds. After you return your keys, we will check the property for any damages and/or cleaning that need to be completed. If so, we will complete the work and deduct the cost of completion from the security deposit. We do not like having to keep security deposits to cover said damages and cleaning but we will if any of the items are above normal wear and tear. We have 30 days from the expiration of your lease and the return of keys to account for any deductions. This accounting will be sent to the forwarding address provided with your move out notice.
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