Ashland apartment association

The Ashland Apartment Association is an association of persons who own rental property in and around Ashland County, Ohio.  It's purpose is to help our members solve their landlord challenges by providing helpful programs and facilitating a community of peers. It was created in 1988 and has grown over the years.  There are approximately 60 members at the current time. The association is open to anyone who owns or is interested in owning rental property in this area. 


MEETINGS:  There are one or two meetings per year for all members.  We either have a special speaker or general informational meetings.


NEWSLETTER:  The association publishes a newsletter for members explaining association business and news worthy items. 


LEGAL FORMS:  A complete set of legally approved forms is available to our members in the member's area via the button below, or come into the office to get them on hard copy or CD. The member's area is restricted to members.  See the most recent newsletter for the password.


SCREENING SERVICES:  The association files contain all evictions filed in Ashland County since 1986.  It also has other information to help landlords in their screening efforts.


CURRENT OFFICERS:  The association has met many times with public officials in an effort to promote understanding of our industry. 

Please note that you may need to navigate to this page and click the 'Go to AAA Member's Area' button again after entering the password.